Organic Cotton Pads

Nothing is more beautiful than a CONFIDENT women. Time of the month or not, experience our breathable & comfortable pads and stay BIEU-TIFUL.

Why Organic Pads?

Your intimate area is the most sensitive part of your body, it needs the EXTRA care from Bieu

  • Non-Toxic

    The vaginal wall is soft and permeable. Hence it's prone to allergens.

  • Breathable

    Organic cotton is made of natural fibres which allows air flow into the pad.

  • Comfortable

    Our pads are soft, slim and barely noticeable, making it a perfect all-day wear.

  • Affordable

    Organic cotton fibres are very absorbent. Hence, fewer pads used monthly

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Did you know organic cotton...

โœ“ Has been around for more than 8,000 years

โœ“ Is a completely natural fabric

โœ“ Needs to grow over 200 days

โœ“ Absorbs up to 27 times its weight

  • Skin-Friendly

    Accredited with EXCELLENT certificate by German dermatology board, Dermatest

  • Chemical-Free

    Absence of harmful toxins as proven by SGS Malaysia

  • Leak-Free

    Leak-Locking Technology, seals fluid in the center core preventing ensuring a worry free experience